About Air Sampling Devices

Eli Smyrloglou

Our mission is to manufacture specialty air sampling devices to better meet the demanding needs of the industrial hygiene community.

We craft devices that make the task of taking samples and performing the subsequent analysis as easy and as precise as possible. We engineered our unique devices after careful examinination of the complete air sampling process, taking into account the methods of both the sample taker and the analytical laboratory personnel, in order to identify the primary obstacles to faster, more efficient recovery of samples.

The company’s first product is a device that helps to simplify the sampling of metal dusts and to better account for the “wall deposits” in a typical 37mm sampling cassette. The device is constructed entirely of cellulosic materials that allow for complete digestion by the same strong acid solutions that are customarily employed to dissolve mixed cellulose ester (MCE) filters. This dissolution takes place prior to the elemental analysis by atomic spectrometry.

We aim to keep in touch with our customer base through our blogs and technical support library. All discussions in the blog and our advertising material, will point back to supporting technical articles and other published materials that can be found in our support section.

Prior to founding Air Sampling Devices, Eli Smyrloglou founded Omega Specialty Instruments in 1982 and served the industrial hygiene community in various capacities for 21 years.